About Us / FAQ

How do I signup?
Signing up is easy. Just click the Signup or Getstarted buttons and you will be prompted to register with ThinkChef. You may also register with popular Social Networking sites like Facebook & Google.

I am concerned about my privacy !
Your privacy is our utmost priority. We don’t store your facebook or google login information. The login is handled by facebook / google apis and the authentication is provided. We only store your birthday and contact info to ensure you are a valid member. Please read our Privacy Policy if you are still concerned.

What do we have in ThinkChef?
ThinkChef is a common place for all the foodies, aspiring chefs and chefs to hangout and exchange ideas and information.
It’s made up of :-

  • Feed - To post status, pics, links and videos.
  • Recipes - To post and search recipes.
  • Groups - To exchange ideas and posts with members.

What can I do?
You can post the following items to everyone’s or your friends’ feed:-

  • You can post some interesting foodie update.
  • You can post your foodie pics from different locations.
  • You can post an interesting article of your choice.
  • You can post a video link from Youtube or Vimeo (All you do is just copy the URL and paste it in serving area).
  • You can post an interesting recipe of your choice.
  • Create groups and post some interesting updates / ideas/ tips and recipes to members of groups.
  • Search for recipes posted by members. (recipes checked to be shown in search results)
  • Look for information posted in groups.
  • Contribute to groups by joining as members.
  • Comment (click message icon), Like (click bitten apple icon) or Share (click share icon) an interesting post.

What do you get?
You can serve your recipes, food ideas and thoughts and get recognized for your participation. You can showcase your exquisite foodie skills to the world using this website.

What do we get?
We want to establish a social network for foodies and chefs. Our goal is to maintain a common place for foodies and chefs to exchange ideas and thoughts.

Who are we?
We are foodies and cooking enthusiasts looking to network with people with similar interests.

Where are we from?
We are from the Subcontinent currently in the Land Down Under.

What do we want?
We want to be everything about food. We want foodies, chefs, people and aspiring chefs to connect with this platform and share their recipes, ideas and information with each other.

How can I provide feedback to ThinkChef?
We are always open for feedback and suggestions. You can reach us by Contact Us link on the footer of the website. 
If you may wish to reach us, you can send an email to admin@thinkchef.com

How can I report an abuse or protect copyrights?
You can mostly report a post from the feed. However, if you want to bring it to our notice, please feel free to send an email to admin@thinkchef.com. The subject of the email should be relevant for us to recognize its content. We are quick in our response except for some unforseen situations

I have a creative idea or something interesting for ThinkChef !
We encourage and enjoy creative and interesting conversations. Again, you may reach us with Contact Us or send an email to admin@thinkchef.com

Finally !
We are striving hard to bring you the best content and experience. We will keep trying to bring interesting updates to your experience. Stay tuned and watch out for some interesting upgrades.

Happy Serving !!!